Monday, 15 August 2011

Tag Cloud searching functionality added

The functionality for "Tag-cloud searching" for ELOGeo keywords is now added on the ELOGeo homepage ( ). The keywords are clickable and takes the user to the repository searching for the clicked word. It is also dynamic, i.e. keywords and their weights are bound to the ELOGeo database by running a script. Thanks to Jeremy for his suggestions. You need to have Flash player installed. Thanks to

New collection arrangement

After a logical/conceptual review, the new structure of categories and collections in the ELOGeo has been organized as follows. There will be also possible cross-linking between the collections, so an item can be in more than one collection. Also date-tagged collection can help keeping track of updating the documents.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Linfiniti Consulting contributes to ELOGeo

We are pleased to welcome contribution from Tim Sutton ( for the ELOGeo repository. Tim Sutton is project steering committee member of the Quantum GIS project and founding member of Linfiniti Consulting CC. - a small business set up with the goal of helping people to learn and use open source GIS software.  They have contributed the following learning materials to ELOGeo

1. Introduction to GIS
2. Vector data
3. Attribute data
4. Digitising vector data
5. Raster data
6. Topology
7. Coordinate reference systems
8. Map production
9. Spatial analysis: vector data
10.Spatial analysis: raster data

Thanks to Tim and colleagues at Linfiniti Consulting for thier contributions

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Oxford Archaeology contributes to ELOGeo

We are pleased to welcome contribution from Oxford Archaeology for the ELOGeo repository.  Anna Hodgkinson has contributed the following learning materials

# 3D Visualisation and Analysis of archaeological vector and raster data using open source geospatial software

# Using the Helmert (two-point) transformation in Quantum GIS

# Basic introduction into pgAdmin III and SQL queries

# QGIS Handy Hints

# Survey and GIS Manual

Thanks Anna and Oxford Archaeology for their contributions.

Monday, 1 August 2011

ELOGeo hit 1000+ visitors over the first fortnight

By the first day of August we have had a 1021 visitors of the ELOGeo repository ( Thanks to Suchith and his network of experts that promote the repository.

Top country views are:
United Kingdom 267
United States of America 130
Spain 90
France 57
Romania 55
Germany 38
Canada 28
India 27
Italy 25
South Africa 16