Monday, 26 September 2011

Project Wiki Started

The project wiki is now live. This wiki is designed to be a Web 2.0 tool for creating, editing and accessing the wiki-style materials related to the target of the project. We welcome contribution from around the globe to enrich this wiki.
The first contribution available on this wiki has been started under the title of World Bank SDI Report.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

OSGeo Edu meeting @ FOSS4G 2011

Suchith (by Skype) participated in the OSGeo Edu meeting at FOSS4G 2011  and gave a quick overview of the various activities at Nottingham in Open source theme and also about the ELOGeo initiative.

ELOGeo Team at AGI 2011

ELOGeo Team (Jeremy, Amir , Suchith) will be participating at AGI GeoCommunity 2011 in Nottingham and will promote ELOGeo initiative during the conference. This year's AGI is chaired by Jeremy.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Consistency Issue

About a month ago, we have received a set of very valuable feedbacks about ELOGeo from Cameron Shorter, the developer of OSGeo Live DVDIt was after his comments that I did some structural change (as posted) and new keyword search (again as posted before). Here I thought that it will be helpful to reflect his comments here in the blog.

In summary, he thinks that it is important to know what we would like our repository to be in long term, e.g. how updating the documents are going to be managed. ELOGeo can help the community by being an online archive about open source geospatial topics, but it also needs to keep itself up to date by keeping its contact with the authors and possibly remove or hide some topics. 
Moreover, the quality of the repository can be increased by inter-relatedness of the documents. This will make the whole repository more consistent and will avoid repeats. 
Cameron's feedback is that at the moment, ELOGeo acts as only an archive but keeping its consistency must be more focused. This is the key to introduce ELOGeo to be a primarily source of learning materials by the community, "because doing so is easier than not!".
His suggestions to reach the above goal are: redefining the goals and end users, writing templates, guidelines and supporting tools, associate processes and workflows for document creation, dedicating certain roles like editor or project coordinator who can take care of the consistency of the system.
Of course there will be lot more to apply his suggestions in full. One main thing that will help is to think how a system of commenting, ranking can be joint with the current system. A wiki can also be a key, in which it keeps track of inter-relatedness.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011