Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sharing Geospatial Data

As collected in the JISC program meeting, 29 November 2011, London.

Inputs from ELOGeo team (Amir, Suchith)
  • Open data important for stimulating Innovation
  • Big changes happening in data sharing with key initiatives like which is very important as these are led from the top level in government and will have snowball effect over the whole landscape.
  • Each university need champions for open data, to spearhead change within.
Summary of Inputs from participants:
Addy ( EDINA)
Nicole ( Stanford University)
Steven  (UCL)
Julie ( Stanford University)
Kate (Portsmouth University)

·        Sharing data need to be part of JISC funding requirements.
·        Tracking attribution of digital data makes easy for people to share
·        Make it easy for sharing data
·        Impact of research
·        Deliverable as part of JISC contract (Share Geo for example)
·        Provide infrastructure for institutional sharing of data
·        Project sustainability
·        Aggregate and anonymise  data
·        Crowdsourced data need to made available as open data
·        Difficult to get people to share data.
·        If we can have effective ways to cite data, and provide impact, to encourage sharing data.
·        Creative stimulation
·        Recognision for data sharing efforts
·         Research councils to ensure that Publically funded research projects should ensure the data is available.

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  1. As we discussed various ways to get people/institutions/projects to share geospatial data, I think we kept coming back and saying that the easiest/most-effective way is for the funding bodies to state open-data licenses as part of the contract.

    It's a point on the notes as making it part of the JISC contract because obviously JISC were hosting the discussion/event and they will see these notes (I'll link to them from the jisc GECO blog shortly), but it would be good for other funding bodies/councils to do the same. I thought it was good that in the project plans JISC asked for the license of the documentation and source code, but perhaps it could do more than just hint towards open licenses.