Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Site Visit and changes to the work plan

Last Wednesday we were pleased to have David Flanders from JISC in CGS, as well as Kamie from Manchester. The highlights of the discussion were:

1) To narrow down  and limit the goals: The learning materials to be something around 15 topics and the framework to be more focused on one product (the repository).
2) To be more specific about the users and those who can provide feedbacks on this.
according to his advices, I decided to change the workplan

I will post more details of David's view once I received his feedbacks. 

According to this, I have rewrite the workplan to cover these issues (the MS Project file can be found here: http://elogeo.nottingham.ac.uk/documents/ELOGeo3.mpp) . 

So the plan from now till the end of October in general will be:
Task 3: Infrastructure Development: Developing the repository will be the main focus of the project infrastructure. Mimas will start the hosting the project repository from now. The development will be started by Amir in collaboration with Mimas and will be shifted gradually to Mimas till end of August.

Task 4: Preparing the materials: This shall be narrowed down to specific titles for specific users. The study on this and collecting/composing the courses is a task from now till end of July lead by UofN in collaboration with Mimas. The OSGIS conference will be the best opportunity to identify the title, who does what and who are users. This is going to be the most indefinable task and may depend on the links that each of you may have. I cannot specifically say who is doing what. I certainly have less contacts than you in this regard so please update me on what each of you can do.

Task 5: Reprocessing the framework: In August Mimas will finalize the courses according to internal and external consultations and makes them ready to feed into the system. UofN will finalize the framework development and will leave the maintenance to Mimas. UofN will make the framework development report.

Task 6 and 7: September till mid October the user trials and feedback collections shall be done by both sides. Final reports after users trials will be prepared by the end of October.

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