Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ELOGeo added features

I have recently added some key features to the ELOGeo repository:

1- Material Preparation Guidelines: A document is put on the website to guide the procedure of preparing and uploading the materials onto the repository and the licensing issues. Links to see the document has been put on several points of the website including the last step of submission workflow.

2- Multiple Language Support: The titles and messages of the website are customized by checking the default language and locale of the user's browser. The supported languages at the moment are: German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Czech and Catalan. (I am working on the Persian version as well)

3- The CC License Selection: I have managed to make the license selectable from a list of CC licenses for each submitting item. The user also doesn't need to challenge with CC's different acronyms because the designed UI will ask for the required rights/features in plain English. Thus we also don't need to have different collections named for each license (unless a non-CC is needed).

4- And very interestingly; Google Scholar Search: Now Google Scholar (and Google itself) have indexed the ELOGeo materials. 


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