Monday, 28 February 2011

ELOGeo at the end of the first month

Now it is a month after the project has started. Looking at the back, these are the activities in the "project initiation" task:

  • Initiating and updating of the project web resources: Website, wiki (to be updated soon) and blog.
  • Introducing the project to a wide community of interested people and organizations: During this month the project announcement has attracted many interests around the world from universities, institutions and individuals who are ready to share their experiences and knowledge in the development of ELOGeo. We have proudly found ourselves among tens of interested collaborators who are ready to be part of the e-learning community that will be developed in this project. Some of the main collaborators of ELOGeo that has been in contact so far are:
  • Collecting the available resources: As a part of the the first month's tasks, we have started collecting the available online and offline course materials that can be reused within ELOGeo. Some of the main reusable resources that can be adopted for ELOGeo are:
  • Open Source
  • Open Standards
  • Open Data

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