Monday, 28 February 2011

Project Plan 2: Wider Benefits to Sector & Achievements for Host Institution

ELOGeo has targetted the promotion of using open data, software and standards in geospatial workers. This is a wide community of researchers, students, public sector services and policy makers that will benefit from accessing to open resources to accomplish their tasks and ELOGeo will provide a framework for increasing the skills of working with such resources.

CGS (from the University of Nottingham) and Mimas (from the University of Manchester) will also benefit from developing ELOGeo. CGS -by its past activities in open GIS field- has been already known to be a knowledge hub for open geospatial community and by this project, CGS portfolio in this field will be more strongly established. Mimas -together with Landmap activities- is also known for promoting GIS courses and providing distant learning so Mimas will benefit from ELOGeo development by enriching its e-learning knowledge repository and by extending its service to a wider range of audiences.

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