Monday, 28 February 2011

Project Plan 3: Risk Analysis and Success Plan

ELOGeo main risks and how to manage them are as follows:

1- Licensing/Right Conflicts: ELOGeo has aimed using open (under creative-common license) resources to develop and/or adopt its e-learning framework. The risk is that some of the materials are mistaken from non-open sources, so the project must deal with this by eliminating whatever is taken wrongly and try to resolve the issue with the right owner. This may not affect on the project timing. The very unlikely case is when ELOGeo cannot access to enough materials just because they are not free to use. In this case the search for alternative open materials as well as trying to develop courses from scratch shall be emphasized. This may make the task 4 longer so the project has to be shorten in tasks 5 and 6 in order to meet the deadlines. (Prevention + Reduction)

2- Delayed Users Response: In task 2, if collecting some of the users' requirements takes more than the planned time, the project will not be delayed in the consequent tasks and the development will be started with whatever collected requirements are available at the end of task. The remaining requirements may arrive after task 2 and will be reflected while developing of tasks 3,4,5 and 6. (Acceptance + Reduction)

3- Mismatched Courses for Publishing: In the unlikely event of problems in adopting the developed courses in CGS to be fitted into Mimas/Landmap e-learning environment, the issue will be tried to be solved firstly by technical advice from both sides, and secondly by relying on the alternative consultancies (e.g. the University of Nottingham's el@n ) and alternative course repositories (e.g. Open-source Geospatial Foundation's Education Repository ) (Prevention + Acceptance)

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