Monday, 28 February 2011

Project Plan 5: Project Team Relationships and End User Engagement

The existence of this ELOGeo will provide a ground for engaging experts from the geospatial community as well as users of the data by sharing their knowledge. Moreover, the engagement will also be supported by the CGS scientific and educational activities, including:

Conferences: As mentioned above, CGS has held the Open-Source GIS conference in 2009 and 2010 and is going to continue this in the coming years. Those conferences have a focus on open-source GIS research, on bringing together different stakeholders in open-source GIS from academic, governments and private sectors, as well as organizing workshops and short courses in teaching open GIS services. This can help promote this project to the geospatial community.

Courses: In addition to the Open Data Master Classes which have been organized by CGS (described above), The Centre is a partner of the Open-source Opportunities in GIS International Summer School 2010. This program acts as a platform for free and opens source geospatial teaching, learning and collaboration for students and provides practical and hands on experience to the participants in the use of free and open source geospatial software. This project can not only take the experiences of these courses into action, but also provide grounds for future similar trainings, in which Landmap will provide assistance with through supporting and marketing these training events.

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